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 Speeding Up Upgrating.

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PostSubject: Speeding Up Upgrating.   Wed Jun 25, 2008 2:42 am

RYL 2 Epic Evolution As Example:

1. Leave the ANTO from previos upgrade at BlackSmith.

2. Place +0 item that needs +10 at the BlackSmith.

3. Take like 1 Silvin, can use other metal.

4. Change it with the ANTO At BlackSmith window, but DONT place the ANTO back in ur inventory, keep them in your hand.

5. Change it back, but don't put it in your Inventory.

6. Press the Upgrade button with the silvin in your hand.

7. When you see the flash or hear the tintintin sound, place the Silvin as Example back in your inventory.

--------> Now Does The Speeding Start To Work <--------

8. HOLD enter key when you click.

9. Click al the time on the Upgrade button.

10. Stop pressing Upgrating when your Eq is +10.

Good Luck.
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Speeding Up Upgrating.
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