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PostSubject: Combatants   Wed Jun 25, 2008 2:50 am


Templars is the shield-men of the Ak'Kan, walking fortresses that grow ever stronger in direct relation to their CON. Unlike other male Ak'Kan, Templar can improve their magical abilities to a degree, though they must sacrifice the damage they deal in combat to do so. Because they have focused on protection rather than destruction, a Templar's accuracy, evasion, and speed are quite low ˇV and the stronger they are defensively, the weaker their offense. Though they are exceptional in defending against physical attacks, Templar has a particular weakness against magic, and must equip special weaponry to raise their magic resistance.

Stat Growth Each Level : STR = 1.5 , CON = 1.5
STR : Damage, Accuracy, Evasion, Magic Resistance
CON : HP Max Value, HP Recovery


Attackers are the most physically aggressive and dangerous of all the Ak'Kan Combatants. As their STR increases, so do their accuracy, evasion, and speed ˇV and they can deal fatal blows in combat faster than their brethren, the Templar. There appears to be no limit to their power. Utilizing special ˇ§Skill Armsˇ¨, ancient technological devices that enhance battle skills, amplifies their deadly combat skills. Their great strength compensates for a low CON and HP. They cannot earn enough CON points to wear heavier armor, and unlike Humans, they cannot bear shields, making them far more vulnerable to physical attacks.

Stat Growth Each Level : STR = 2 , CON = 1
STR : Damage, Accuracy, Evasion, MP Max Value, MP Recovery, Magic, Magic Resistance
CON : HP Max Value, HP Recovery, Defense


Gunners are the long-range support for Templars and Attackers, a living artillery barrage. Although they are fairly weak in close range combat, they are immensely powerful from afar when they fire their Gun Arm, as long as they remain free from enemies with the Net skill. Compared to other combatants, their HP and defense are much weaker, though they do automatically gain CON status points as they level up. Gunners that focus primarily on enhancing their DEX status will prefer to utilize a ˇ§hit and runˇ¨ strategy, eliminating their enemies in one powerful blow, while CON focused Gunners can utilize a 'turret' type strategy, bringing down enemies from afar.

Stat Growth Each Level : DEX = 1.5 , CON = 1.5
DEX :Damage, Accuracy
CON :Evasion, MP Max, MP Recovery, Magic Resistance
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